Van Vorst (Mattress Singapore), one of the Best bedding mattress brand you should sleep on!


Van Vorst (Mattress Singapore), one of the Best bedding mattress brand in Singapore you should sleep on!

Established since 1888, Van Vorst (Mattress) has 132 years of experience, in crafting luxurious pocketed coil spring system which excels in the relieving pressure points by contouring perfectly to your body. Using only the finest quality, certified upholstery materials, and exquisite performance fabrics, Van Vorst mattresses have a reputation for outstanding craftsmanship, design, quality, and innovation.

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Van Vorst Corerhythm 351 is a luxurious design with superior topper of 3″ pillow top above the body base. It is here to provide you a touch of softness and bringing you quality sleep with our new technology, Biorytmic™ Sleep Fabric Cover developed in Turkey.

5 Key Advantages of Biorytmic™ Sleep:
1. Support rejuvenation by improving our intra-body communication during sleep
2. Reduce the level of stress and relax our body
3. Improve our body conditioning and mechanical balance
4. Better concentration and help us wake up refreshed
5. Make us feel more energetic, joyful and positive living

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