Side Effect and Health Hazards of an old mattress

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Although a new good mattress may cost a pretty penny, sleeping on an old mattress might end up costing you more – both your wallet and health. You might already have felt it.

The process of a mattress wearing down over time can be subtle, it is sometimes ignored or goes unnoticed until something visual occurs, like a bad stain or torn fabric. But if you’re waking up tired or having aches that you can’t explain away, then it might be worth investigating your old mattress as the culprit.

If you’ve got two or more reasons from the list below, it is likely time to change that mattress.


It’s been more than 8 years

Some mattress companies say 6, but if you had to push it, we’d say 8. If you bought a quality mattress that had heat-treated coils combined with memory foam, then you’d have a more durable make that can last for up to a decade. But even then, it’d be showing signs of wear – losing its initial pressure relief and spinal support functions.

An old mattress over 8 years old will have its internal structure issues from worn-out materials after bearing constant body weight. For those that use cooling material, even those will lose their function over time, making the sleeper feel hotter during their rest. So even if you can’t notice any discernible defects on the surface, if it’s time, it’s time.


The surface is uneven and sagging

Be it an innerspring, foam, or hybrid mattress, the materials do give out after some time (see above). And because of our regular sleeping positions, they tend to give way at the same spots. If you’ve been diligent in turning or flipping your mattress every two months, this helps somewhat, but eventually, the springs will lose their tensile strength and the foam will compress, losing you the supportive cushion. That’s when the back pain from your mattress starts because your spine should be straight and supported for the best sleep.

So, once you see or feel these dips on your bed or if you’re hearing creaks or squeaks a lot (for innerspring options), it’s definitely calling you out for a change. Take note of the overall height of the mattress as well – it may have sunk a few inches from your time of purchase. That’s right – it’s important to keep your mattress in the best shape possible too.


You get the sniffles when you’ve been near the bed

Dust mite allergy is more common than one expects. Estimates place global figures for those allergic to these creatures at 10%, and those having asthma being sensitive at a staggering 90%

These microscopic pests eat at dead skin and dander in our beds that we shed during our sleep, and if that’s not gross enough, the allergy actually comes from the dusty remains of their dead bodies and excrement. While having clean bedsheets and a mattress topper helps, your mattress will accumulate a significant amount after a few years. 

Giving it a good vacuum will also refresh the mattress somewhat, but if you’re waking up to a congested nose or having sneezing fits when lying on your bed, it’s likely your mattress is rife with the creatures. 

You can’t seem to fall asleep easily like before, or you wake up feeling tired or sore

When new, a mattress does all the things it should do. The foam and springs work in tandem to offer spinal support to keep your body in alignment during sleep while cushioning the pressure points to relieve them. When these parts wear out, you’ll feel it in your bones – literally.

An uncomfortable spine position or unnecessary pressure not only makes it harder to fall asleep but also makes one prone to waking up in the middle of it. And even if one manages to sleep through the night, the body remembers and it shows up in the morning.

Sleep deprivation is a real thing, and this can occur in small bits over time – not necessarily in an observable sleep debt. An old mattress can contribute to this uncomfortable attrition over time; one that might start as back pain from the mattress and move on to something much more severe.

Bonus tip: One way to find out if you have an old mattress is to test if you have “mattress envy”. Notice if you tend to luxuriate more in other beds when you go for staycations. If you’re sleeping better and waking up more refreshed, you may have an old mattress.


Is it really worth it?

So you’ll save some money by postponing that decision to buy a new mattress but is it really worth it?

The effects of bad sleep and sleep deprivation have been well-documented. Sleep Foundation lists short-term effects such as “slowed thinking, reduced attention span, lack of energy and mood changes” as initial changes; while long-term health hazards like “cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, immunodeficiency and even mental health disorders” come on later.

Don’t put off your decision to spend on something you’ll be spending a third of your life on. Speak to the experts at LMG Mattress to have your best sleep for the next decade.

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