Choose Between King And Queen Size Beds

Choose Between King And Queen Size Beds

King vs Queen: A Mattress Comparison Guide

When it comes to choosing the size of your bed, the general consensus seems to point to the obvious – the bigger the bed, the better your sleep. But is it really? When choosing a king vs queen bed size – given the difference in price points – it is good to understand what exactly you’re paying the extra dollars for.

If you’re trying to justify that decision to pick a king size over a queen, here are some highlights to help you and give you valid reasons on how to choose a mattress size that’s ideal for you.


A King is more comfortable

The most obvious reason for choosing a King-sized mattress is because of the space it offers. The standard dimensions of a King is approximately 193 X 203.5cm, while a Queen is usually narrower at 167 X 203.5cm. This gives more than an extra 5,000 sq cm – a sizable increase.

While this is a benefit for almost everyone, this added space is the best news for restless sleepless who often need to move in their sleep, as it allows them more estate to move about without knocking into things or falling out of bed.

In some cases, the upgrade could see just a minor price adjustment, like the Dreamland Chiro Essential (III) Luxury Mattress, which makes it easy to decide. But in the case of other designs like the Sleepmatics Lite Warden Luxury Mattress, the difference is $800, so one might want to consider some of the other aspects listed below.


A King offers less motion transfer

A great benefit of having a king vs queen bed size is that it reduces motion transfer. For couples choosing a new mattress, this can be a dealmaker, as it allows both to share the bed and sleep in peace with minimal disturbance from the other.

Although the material plays a part in how much motion transfer there will be, the universal law of physics assures that the more distance two sleepers have between them, the less motion transfer there will be.


A King offers more durability

A larger King-sized mattress will show less signs of sagging, making it a better investment in the long run.

No matter the materials chosen, a smaller mattress will always influence the sleeping behaviours of its sleepers. Usually picked for couples, the smaller surface from a Queen mattress can lead to the two persons to lean into the middle of the mattress. This behaviour, over time, will cause the middle spring, coils or foam to sag as it receives prolonged compression over time. With a larger King, there is a tendency to spread out more, distributing the pressure across the mattress and granting longevity – saving you more money in the long run.

Regardless of the size, it is good practice to flip your mattress. However, make sure that the design allows for this as some have specialty layers that won’t work when upside-down. In those cases, rotating your mattress can be just as helpful.


A King offers a cooler sleep

You’ll usually find it cooler sleeping on a King-sized bed because a larger mattress offers more air circulation within it. This will be evident regardless of the internal material but you’ll feel the most difference in innerspring models because of their structure. The more “porous” the mattress, the better it helps to wick away the sleeper’s body heat, making it a great choice for those who have higher natural body temperatures or live in tropical climates with limited or no access to air-conditioning. This is also helped by the larger surface area as the person moves about, transferring the heat away from the body during rest.


A Queen suits smaller bedrooms

Sometimes space can be a constraint and a large mattress can make your daily routine a little more clumsy. In those instances, when thinking about how to choose a mattress, a Queen-sized mattress is the better option to give one more walk space.

Proportion to the room can play a part in making it look and feel smaller or bigger as well, so it might be good to tap into your designer’s expertise (if available) to seek their professional advice. If not, you can also speak to the experienced specialists at LMG for advice based on your room measurements.


A Queen offers cheaper bedding

If you’re the sort who loves to splash out on bed linens and accessories, a Queen might save you some money over time. With a smaller bed space, you need lesser accessories such as cushions and throws, and even your bedding items such as bed sheets and duvets will cost you less because of their smaller size.

Of course, if you’re the sort to stick to one or two sets of bed linen and don’t use duvets and other add-ons, you can easily choose to indulge more on space on a King-sized mattress.

No matter the size you need, LMG will provide the best value in giving you quality luxury mattresses that suit your lifestyle and room.

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