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Memory Foam VS Spring Mattress, Which Is The Best

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Memory Foam versus Spring Mattress: Which is better? If you’ve been mattress shopping, you’ll know that there are two broad categories out there – spring and memory foam. There’s a lot of marketing noise that comes with hawking the benefits of both and some of these points are warranted, but the savvy shopper will want to peel back the spiel and use mattress science as the only reliable indicator. When it comes to deciding between […]

Can a good mattress make your sleep better?

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Has it been more than 8 years since you’ve last replaced your current mattress? If your answer is ‘yes’, that is the first sign that your mattress is now due for a replacement. Other than the obvious reason that your mattress has gotten too old, other questions to ask yourself when considering whether or not to change your mattress include: Have you ever awoken feeling groggy? Do you feel better sleeping in a different bed, […]

What does your sleep position says about you?

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Everyone has a unique sleeping position when it’s that time of the day or night. Have you ever observed how do you settle down under the covers? You probably don’t think much about what your typical sleep position means, other than a desire for optimal comfort while you snooze. Yet some sleep psychologists and experts have suggested personality can factor into sleep position and offer some insight into your traits and behaviours. (Source: Do […]

Dreamland Mattresses- Designed for Real Backcare is in LMG Singapore!

Because sleep is so important to our well-being, Dreamland Mattress is devoted to ensuring exactly that – great sleep for everyone, night after night. And it begins first by understanding you and putting your needs at the heart of everything we do. Dreamland’s Many Firsts ONE OF A KIND The only brand with the rights to use the patented Miracoil™ springs – the world’s most advanced spring system to date. NANO-PEL™ TECHNOLOGY The first brand […]

Mattress Firmness Guide Singapore- Which firmness is right for you?

At LMG, we bring you the Best Mattress in Singapore at a fraction of heavily marked up retail prices! Did you know that the firmness of a mattress can affect the support we get while we sleep? Read on to find out which firmness is right for you? The firmness of a mattress can be divided into category such as soft, medium, medium soft, medium firm and firm! Each of our habits and needs varies, […]

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