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Van Vorst’s Cooling Mattress Online

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Van Vorst

Founded in 1888, the Van Vorst Mattress Company is a trusted American mattress company that invented the modern day mattress. The company has been making a difference in people’s lives worldwide for 130 years and continuously finds the best way to provide quality sleep solutions. With a rich heritage of experience and skill passed down through generation, Van Vorst sets the standards for luxury mattresses.

Luxury Coil Mattresses by Van Vorst

Van Vorst luxury mattresses are designed with a luxurious pocketed coil spring system that provides your spine with the support it needs all night. Sleeping on a wrong mattress can be the cause of back pain and even worsen it, making sleep at home feel painful. During sleep, our spine needs to be supported and in proper posture to ensure spine alignment through the night. When a mattress does not provide enough support for our spine, it causes us to have poor sleeping posture that strains our back muscles and does not keep our spine aligned. The result of this continued lack of support contributes to lower back pain. This is a common issue when the mattress used at home is old and lacks support compared to luxury hotel mattresses that provide the support and quality sleep we need.

Biorytmic™ Sleep Fabric

Such lower back pain caused by poor sleeping posture can easily be avoided by getting the right mattress that provides both comfort and back support for you. Van Vorst mattresses contour perfectly to your body, relieving pressure points and allowing your spine to rest through the night. Furthermore, Van Vorst’s new technology Biorytmic™ Sleep Fabric Cover helps to promote health rejuvenation by improving intra-body communication during sleep. It is specially designed to help reduce stress and relax our body during sleep for better concentration, allowing us to feel refreshed and energetic in the morning. Get the comfort of luxury hotel mattresses in your own bedroom with Van Vorst mattresses.
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