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SleepMatics is a luxury mattress brand that was founded in 2012 by an authentic Australian personal trainer from Adelaide, Australia. Gavin Smith created SleepMatics with the goal of providing luxurious comfort sleep that also provides holistic health support after an exhausting day to everyone in the world.

SleepMatics Mattresses Engineered for Sleep

SleepMatics mattresses are designed to provide luxurious comfort sleep that supports health. They are made with therapeutic texture latex that provides optimum orthopaedic support in any sleep position. Proper support from a mattress is important as sleeping on mattresses that are too soft reinforces poor sleeping posture. This causes our spine to be out of proper alignment and puts a strain on our back muscles, causing chronic lower back pain as we continue this poor sleeping habit night after night. This could also cause us to have sleep issues when our back hurts due to our sleeping posture. Especially after a long day at work, our spine needs to rest and strengthen for the next day. A good, well-supported mattress helps to keep our spine aligned to avoid straining our backs from poor posture during sleep.

Therapeutic Texture Latex

SleepMatics has mattresses with a Therapeutic Texture Latex which is a naturally hypoallergenic material that is resistant to dust mites, mould and bacteria without added chemicals. They are also equipped with SANITIZED® ACTIFRESH technology that helps to reduce microbials in the mattresses. Although unknown to many, mattresses can potentially be a source of allergens and become unhygienic. Especially in hot, humid climates like Singapore, mattresses might trap moisture and warmth. This creates an ideal environment for allergens like dust mites, mould, mildew and even pet dander to thrive and accumulate. These allergens can irritate our nasal passageways, causing sneezing, runny nose and more which could affect our ability to get quality undisturbed sleep. Thus, it is important to get a mattress that is hypoallergenic especially if you are prone to allergies.

Improved Air Circulation

The Therapeutic Texture Latex also has a natural open-cell structure and pin-hole pattern that promotes air circulation and comfort. A mattress that traps heat contributes to creating an environment for allergens to thrive. Additionally, when a mattress absorbs and traps body heat, it could cause us to feel warm, perspire and feel uncomfortable during sleep. SleepMatics mattresses also feature DuraCoil Heat Treated Spring Coils to ensure long term durability. Find quality mattresses from SleepMatics for restful sleep and better health.
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