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SleepMaker is an Australian mattress brand that has 85 years of experience in developing sleep solutions for all. Their collection of mattresses cater to every need, size and budget. It has won the 2020 Canstar award for quality of sleep, comfort, support, value for money, durability and overall satisfaction in the mattress category.

SleepMaker Mattresses with Ultimate Back Support

SleepMaker mattresses are designed to provide you with the best sleep ever. It integrates the most advanced comfort technologies such as Miracoil Plus to provide ultimate sleep comfort. Miracoil Plus is a world-renowned spring system for mattresses from the USA. Miracoil Plus consists of springs made up of a continuous strand of specially-formed wire. This creates a more supportive, sturdier sleeping surface on the SleepMaker mattress that extends to the edge of the bed, allowing you to receive full support at every part of your mattress.

Even Weight Distribution

Proper spine support is important to help prevent disordered sleep and back pains. A mattress with proper support facilitates our body to rest with its natural spinal alignment. With the Miracoil technology, SleepMaker mattresses enable your weight to be distributed evenly, conform to your body and provide the support your spine needs for a restful night of sleep. Sleepmaker also has mattresses that feature Miracoil zoning technology. These mattresses ensure that your torso is well supported while your head and legs rest in a softer zone, keeping your spine aligned regardless of your height or weight. For extra spinal support, SleepMaker carries mattresses with Spring on springs system where a layer of pocket springs is layered above the Miracoil Plus layer for ultimate back support.

High Resiliency Cushioning

To promote comfort, SleepMaker mattresses also include a High Resiliency Cushioning that makes your mattresses more comfortable and luxurious. SleepMaker’s comfort layers vary from foam and latex to provide for every sleeper’s preference and sleeping style. Available in different mattress feels and sizes, find the perfect luxury SleepMaker mattress for you.
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