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Bed Frames are your Sanctuary

For many of us, our beds represent a place of rest, comfort and security that we can retreat to at night. In it, we are free to unwind, safe from the troubles of the day. Needless to say, its very foundation and structure is critical to giving us this feeling of safety and ease. Additionally, as a central piece in any bedroom, your bedframe has a strong visual impact on the space. This is why a bedframe can be considered both a utility and an aesthetic item which warrants careful consideration before purchase.

Introducing our Comfy Series

Our comfy series features a range of colourful elevated bedframes complete with a full headboard. A fuss free option, it gives you an affordable means of attaining a comfortable and minimalistic setup. Furthermore, these bedframes are really easy to clean and keep tidy. With its straightforward design, you will be able to reach all parts of the bed and the floor area underneath.

Introducing our Premium Series

Looking for a bedframe design that oozes class and style? If so, then consider our Premium series, which seamlessly fit into a range of different interior design themes. From minimalistic concrete to homely Scandinavian, Japanese zen to contemporary fabrics, our bedframes fit seamlessly into each. In fact, being the focus of the bedroom, they absolutely bring your space to the next level.

Picking your Bed Frame

Picking an appropriate bedframe for your room can be more complex than it first appears. Do consider factors such as the prevailing interior decoration of the space, amount of space available and additional utility that you wish to have.

Interior Décor

Being a huge furniture item in your bedroom, your bedframe will naturally play a huge part of the aesthetic aspect of the space. As such, you definitely would not want a bedframe design that clashes with the existing design of your space. Instead, you would ideally find a frame that seamlessly flows with the surrounding space, yet has a defining feature that draws attention.

Amount of space available

A simple factor to consider when choosing bedframe would be the amount of space available. Evidently, depending on the size of your room and the presence of other furniture, you would then need to choose a single, super single, queen, king or alternative configuration.

Additional Utility

Do consider any other uses you might have for the bedframe. For example, if you enjoy watching Netflix in bed, then consider having an ergonomic headboard to rest against.
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