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Bedsheet Sets

A comfortable and uninterrupted sleep is a boon for our health and mood. With the perfect combination of thread count, material and construct, our bedsheets will leave you comfortably snuggling in bed after a peaceful night of sleep.

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Bedsheets for a Good Night’s Sleep

Bedsheets are a quintessential component for a deep and peaceful sleep. While often underestimated for the impact it has on our sleep, the truth is that the wrong set will result in constantly interrupted rest. Be it the roughness of its material or the amount of heat trapped within, there are many properties of a bedsheet that easily affects us. This is why having a quality set of bedsheets is critical for inducing proper sleep.

Why we use high Thread Count

Just the Right Temperature

Have you ever struggled to sleep or woken up in the middle of the night feeling that your body is either too hot or cold? This happens because your body tries to regulate its temperature at all times. When there is a shift in its temperature, your body becomes uncomfortable and thus alerts your brain. At the same time, during your sleep, your body expels more heat as it conserves energy and maintains your vital organs at a resting temperature. Where your bed sheets trap too much heat, your body’s internal temperature is forced to rise. The subsequent crash in your body’s desire for a cooler temperature and the surrounding heat results in you perspiring and waking up.

Keeping it Cool

What then affects the amount of trapped heat within the bedsheets? The answer lies in the breathability of the bedsheets. A simple way to think about breathability is the amount of air and along with it, heat, that can pass through. Overly dense fabrics with tightly woven fibres do not allow warm air to pass through, thus resulting in the heat being trapped underneath. A common question then surfaces is whether breathable bedsheets will lead to you feeling cold at night? It is important to remember that hot air rises instead of sinking downwards into your bedsheets. At the same time, given that your body is expelling more heat in your sleep, a sufficient amount is retained to keep you from feeling cold.

Why we use Cotton

Broadly speaking, bedsheets can be made from either synthetic or natural materials. While synthetic bedsheets do have some advantages, natural material bedsheets are more breathable and thus cooler through the night. Among the different natural bedsheet materials, cotton is incredibly popular. A huge reason behind the popularity lies in cotton’s ability to absorb heat from your body, leaving it cool and dry. Furthermore, cotton is soft on your skin and hypoallergenic, making it snuggle worthy for most of us. The durability of cotton makes its bedsheets a worthy long-term investment. Based on previous studies, cotton bedsheets lasted twice as long as their man-made counterparts. This reduces the hassle of seeking replacements or a poor night’s rest when the bedsheet degrades. Lastly, cotton is machine washable at the usual 40 degrees. This makes cleaning them a breeze.

Finding the Right Bedsheet with Us

We present a range of size and colour options for our bedsheets. Suitable for single, super single, queen and king size beds, our bedsheets are also available in Sand Beige, Nordic Blue, Mauve Pink, Slate Grey and Dove White colours. Find the perfect combination to fit your bed and room décor.
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